Complete and Self-Contained Miniature Snap-Action Unit

What are those tiny, compact things that are consistently used in every minor to major electrical circuits? What is the most preferred and first- considered appliance that is used with power supplies to turn your complex machines on and off in a snap?

MICRO-SWITCH is the answer to it all. From the field of robotics to 3D- printers and jet airlines, these basic switches have been found to be so reliable. Whether it’s for detection of the switching power or the angle of drums and filters, finding the status of opening or closing doors or control panel buttons, in microwave ovens or the commonly-used washing machine, you will find them everywhere.


Fundamentally, a micro switch is just a trademark and intermittently- used name for the ‘Miniature Snap-Action Switch’.

It is generally a simple electric switch, a type of basic switch that is considered before all else. It is universally accepted because of its simplicity and accuracy.

They are the dominant complete and self-contained switching units satisfying hundreds and thousands of applications.

In the late 1930’s, the need of the hour was something that was meticulous and detailed. It is indeed the same and prevalent still today. With such an application need, micro-switches ushered in as the new normal. It can be called a 1950’s miniature switch attempt to truly miniaturize the electric switches.

The swift action of the snap-action design makes it true gold. Many call this mechanism the heart of miniature snap-action switches. It is what gave the switch its true identity.

These switches are universally accepted for their tipping-point or over-center mechanism. They are reliable and very common, not to mention the legitimate repercussion of its miniaturized size. It makes it highly durable and gives it a long life.

They are the precursors of the entire industry of subminiature switches.


Microswitches are efficient in two main areas of application-

To start with, they are used when the physical force is considerably lower than the output action.

It makes one of its defining features. They are caused to operate by plunger pins over travel or lever actuators. It is widely used because of its efficiency, i.e. a small movement on the actuator (and a small force applied) turns out to give a larger movement at the circuit components.

Secondly, they are used when clearly defined action and a long time-reliability is required.

Their internal mechanism and external size and shape provide the same.


The micro switches are universally accepted due to their superior design. Our switches are compact and lightweight. They can easily fit into smaller and tighter places. We promise accurate repeatability and long life.

We promise superior design, great capabilities, and perfect construction. We make them user-friendly, providing them at reliable costs and low charges.

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